General Information

Burns Mailing & Printing is here to serve you. Contact Phyllis Burns at prior to the design stage, so we can best advise you on how to setup your mailing before it is printed. Working together, we can prevent problems and ensure that it meets, not only, our customers’ expectations, but also ensures we meet the specifications of our machines and the US Postal Service.

How long is the turn around time for production?

In most instances, Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc. can have a piece produced and mailed within 7 – 10 business days, after final written art approval. Production time varies depending upon several factors, such as; personalization, quantities, and intricacy of mailing/printing project. Digital print runs of 5,000 press sheets or under, generally, have a shorter lead time for print and mailing.

If you are providing a mail list via electronic media, we would like the list to be submitted as soon as possible. This will allow us to determine a print quantity and final postage amount.

For mailing materials provided to us by an outside printer, please send us an email prior to receiving the material, so the project can be added to our production schedule. Please describe the project in detail, such as the components of the project, desired mailing date and other pertinent details. We require a 5 business day turnaround to process jobs from an outside vendor.

Can you mail something that has already been printed?

Most of Burns Mailing & Printing jobs entail some type of processing through automated equipment; it is therefore critical that the mail pieces be consistent in size, paper weight, and fold. We rely on all materials being delivered to us on time and in good condition. If material is curled, poorly folded, improperly or inconsistently sized, or otherwise in poor condition; it may slow machine production and/or require additional handling fees.

In addition, we are unable to inkjet on material that has additional coatings such as UV or aqueous coatings. This is usually seen on postcards and brochures. Please make sure to request the material without these coatings, or an additional labor charge and possible higher postage, could be accessed.

Our high speed inserter and addressing machine has material specifications to optimize the handling and speed of the inserting and addressing. If you are ordering materials, such as envelopes, from an outside printer, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the necessary specifications.

How do I obtain a mailing list?

Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc., is a broker of mailing lists and makes available to its customers a variety of specialty lists. As a “Customer Supplied Lists” client, we will not copy or release your database without your written authorization.

We provide National Change of Address (NCOA link) Service and we will provide the Undeliverable, Moved No Forward, or Forwarding Address, to our customers so that they can maintain their mailing lists with the most up-to-date information provided from the U.S. Postal Service.

If a list is purchased from Burns Mailing & Printing, we require payment for the list prior to ordering.

What are the mail permit Requirements?

Standard/Bulk Permits:
All commercial postage categories have minimum quantities of mail that must be met.
All pieces must be of the same size, shape, fold and weight.
For stamped or metered single-piece (full price) First-Class Mail: no minimum.
For permit imprint single-piece (full-price) First-Class Mail: 200 pieces OR 50 pounds.
For Presorted and automation First-Class Mail: 500 pieces.
For Standard Mail (Bulk Mail): 200 pieces OR 50 pounds.

Non-profit entities:
If you do not have approved non-profit status through the U.S. Postal Service, we will provide you with the appropriate forms to achieve that status and to qualify for a greatly reduced postage rate.
To mail non-profit, the return address MUST appear on the mail piece the same as it appears on file at the U.S. Postal Service. If it isn’t, we will be required to mail at the Standard Bulk Rate, and additional postage fees we be accessed.
No Permit? – we maintain a permit at Burns Mailing & Printing and you are able to mail under our permit, even if you have non-profit status at the U.S. Postal Service.

Submitting Artwork?

Burns Mailing and Printing operates an “Apple” based art department. When submitting files for production, please follow the following guidelines to ensure a faster turnaround time and accurate production of the printed piece.

What file types are acceptable?
Preferred Professional level Programs:

  • InDesign – Version CC or lower (Packaged for production: fonts & linked images included)
  • Illustrator – Version CC or lower, CMYK, (Fonts: Converted to outlines, No process Black**)
  • Illustrator file types: AI, EPS, PDF

  • PhotoShop – Version CC or lower, CMYK, 300 dpi or higher (include 1/8” bleed if necessary)
  • PhotoShop file types: PSD, EPS, JPG, TIFF, PDF<

Non professional level Programs*:

  • Publisher – include all placed images as separate files
  • Microsoft Word – include all placed images as sperate files
  • Power Point – include all placed images as separate files

Click to download Pre-Press Specifications.

* Non professional level programs can be submitted, but are not recommended. Use of these file types can result in font substitution and low resolution image production. Burns Mailing & Printing cannot assume responsibility for the quality produced by these file types. A reproduction of the file can be produced in a professional level program by Burns Mailing and Printing for a charge of $75 per hour. An estimate of hourly charges can be given after reviewing the file.
** When using illustrator, all the items that are to print in black should use 100% black and not be process black (rich black) especially when using black text.

What are the image quality specifications for artwork?
  • PhotoShop Images: 300 dpi or higher, CMYK color mode, Include any necessary bleed 1/8”
    • PhotoShop file types: PSD, TIFF, EPS, JPG, PDF
  • Illustrator images: Vector art, any fonts converted to outlines, CMYK format, no process black**, any PMS colors should be included and identifiable by the PMS # (Pantone Matching System)
    • Illustrator file types: AI, EPS, PDF
What is the required bleed settings?

If a printed piece bleeds (the printed area goes all the way to the edge of the page) we must have 1/8” of symmetrical bleed on all sides that require bleed. This may mean using clipping masks in Illustrator files and also including at least 1/8” extra on any PhotoShop file backgrounds.

How should I handle fonts?

Because we are an “Apple” based art department, we use “Apple” compatible fonts. If you send us a file that includes PC fonts, we will match these fonts to the best of our ability but cannot guarantee an exact font match. In this case we ask that you send a PDF proof or a hard copy proof to match to. If you have the opportunity to change the fonts to outlines in Illustrator or InDesign, we suggest you do so to avoid font substitution.

What if my artwork has spot colors?

Any files submitted for a spot color job must be in a format that allows for color separation. ie: Illustrator vector files, duotone PhotoShop files, etc. We also ask that you provide us with the exact PMS #s to be used in production.

Can I get a template for a mail piece before I start designing it?

Burns Mailing and printing offers templates for a number of different direct mail pieces. If you want to request a specific template or need advice on mailing specifications feel free to call or email our Design Department. If you are a Burns Mailing & Printing customer and have a direct mail piece that you would like us to check for postal specifications, we will be happy to do so, free of charge. If you have any direct mail questions, feel free to email our Mailing Manager.

What is the payment procedure?

Printing & Mailing Labor: Our terms are Net 30. Until you establish credit with Burns Mailing & Printing, Inc., all jobs are COD.

Postage: To allow sufficient time to deposit postage funds with the U.S. Postal Service, we require that all checks to cover postage be in Burns Mailing & Printing’s possession prior to your mail date. If the postage deposit is not received, Burns Mailing & Printing cannot advance the money required, and the U.S. Postal Service will not accept your mail. Please make certain that you have advanced adequate postage to cover your entire mailing.

Printing and mailing invoices can be paid by check, or wire transfer. Burns does not accept credit cards.